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    Zhejiang Jingon Machinery Automation Co., Ltd (Formerly known as Whenzhou Jingon Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of intelligent turntable injection machines and intelligent shoe making production line. Over the past 20 years, our team has always been committed to the research, development and manufacture of all kinds of shoe injection machines, with its innovative technology and excellent quality has been recognized by the society, and the user's love. Our products are reliable, efficient and easy to operate, it has reached the advanced level of similar products in the world on performance. Following the trend of international industry 4.0, Jingon invested a large number of scientific research forces and funds to develop an intelligent automated shoe making production line, and have achieved fruitful results; It has made due contributions to the transformation of traditional industries, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.
    Jingon has developed and manufactured a series of high quality shoe injection machines to meet the needs of various type of shoe factories. The products of shoe injection machines include PU/PU double color double density, TPU/PU double density, Rubber/Rubber double density etc. And the high-grade PU rain boots also has been developed.
    In order to have an even bigger or a steady market share, our company actively introduced the ISO9001 quality management system and applied for the European Union CE certification. At present, the products have been exported to Asia, Europe and South America.
    Our company will always adhere to customer centric, to be satisfied with customer's demand constantly, aggressive, pioneering and innovative, keep the products forward to high quality and high standard, create the best interests for customers.
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